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What can go in the bin?

Please follow the rules for your bin to ensure there are no extra costs.

The Council and the EPA have regulated the skip bin industry in recent years. Please understand that there are many laws that have to be followed or fines will result to you and me:

  • If your skip has waste from a bathroom, vinyl tiles, old fibro and similar then there is a good chance that will have asbestos in it, please read the guide here.
  • Please do not load your skip bin above the rim, this cannot be legally transported like that - please read our FAQ here.
  • Please do not put food waste in the bin, if you need food waste removed then please call us and we will give you the right bin.
  • Not Allowed in any bin: Wet concrete or concrete washed into the bin, chemicals & paint, batteries, needles & sharps. If these are detected at the tip then penalties apply. Refer the Council's website for free legal collection of regulated items.
  • Gas Bottles: It is illegal to put a gas bottle in a skip or garbage bin as they can explode if compressed or in a land fill. The Council has several free disposal options for you, please check their website.
  • Excess weight: Is charged at $15/100kg for clean fill and $27.50/100kg for everything else.
  • Mattresses are getting really expensive to dump now $70 and Car Tyres $50